EyeRate is now Edge, the #1 employee-driven growth platform for franchise & service brands.
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The #1 Employee-Driven Growth Platform for
Customer Reviews

Reward your frontline employees for driving positive Google reviews and outrank the competition with higher ratings.

Customer Reviews and Growth Platform

Reward your franchise and service employees for driving customer feedback.

Automate your employee incentives and customer feedback on Google reviews with our 75+ out-of-the-box Point of Sale (POS) integrations. Put the customer Google review process on auto-pilot.

Promote new products and unveil services with friendly sales and service competitions. Supercharge growth and drive team engagement with Edge's automated sales leaderboard.

Establish authentic customer communities with Google reviews to propel repeat business. Receive insights on your biggest sales drivers that cultivate a network of loyal local customers.

Boost employee engagement and recognition by rewarding frontline employees. Incentivize your employees to provide industry-leading service with flex rewards that raise confidence and boost employee earnings.

Retain top employees with individual performance insights. Learn which employees are providing an industry-leading standard of customer service. Use Edge’s employee insights to recognize and reward your team.

Our Customers Love Edge

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"Edge is amazing, with a team of great people who are open and dynamic. They were receptive to our needs and suggestions and accommodated us. There was an ease and ability to be open and work together for a common good of the product."
Robert Barnes, Multi-location owner at European Wax Center
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Online Review Solutions for Franchise Brands

Edge empowers your staff to become advocates for your business. Our employee incentive program rewards your team for exceptional customer service and online reviews, improving employee morale, creating a positive company culture, and driving new revenue.

Over 5,000 service businesses, franchise owners and multi-location brands use Edge for sales growth and team motivation to boost job satisfaction and reduce cost. Take control of your online reputation and boost search rankings with Google reviews.

More than 100,000 employees use EDGE to earn more, get recognition, and achieve success in their careers. Take charge of your career development with our industry-leading and proven employee recognition program. 

Automated Reviews with our Point of Sale (POS) Integrations

FAQ about Edge & Google Reviews

Learn more about our industry-leading customer feedback program.

Can I integrate my existing POS solution into your platform?

Edge integrates with over 75 Point of Sale solutions, including Mindbody, Square, CDK Global, BLVD, Tekmetric, Clubready, ABC, and more. However you manage your sales, our dedicated team will help you get up, running, and hooked into our system without you making any changes to the way you run your business.

What are the benefits of automating the employee recognition process?

Customer feedback is integral to any business’s success, but sorting through reviews can be incredibly labor-intensive. Edge automatically recognizes and categorizes all Google reviews, allowing you to see every piece of feedback directed toward your employees at a glance. That means you spend less time sorting through reviews manually and never miss an opportunity to congratulate an employee for their hard work.

How will Edge help me retain more employees?

Studies reveal that almost half (46%) of U.S. workers left a job because they felt underappreciated. In addition, 65% of respondents indicated they would work harder if they felt like their work was noticed by management. The statistics don’t lie—recognition keeps employees motivated, leads to harder work, and lets you retain more staff members for the long term. Edge makes rewarding your staff easier, meaning you’ll be able to recognize and retain key employees time and time again.

How can sales competitions help me boost sales?

Friendly competition is the best way to incentivize your employees to deliver an exemplary standard of customer service. Providing rewards to top performers encourages everyone to perform at their best. Plus, when an employee does well, the rest of the competitors will have the opportunity to congratulate them, boosting team morale

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