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Edge empowers your beauty salon, medspa, or aesthetic employees to drive customers by boosting team motivation and resolving customer feedback.

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Reward your team for attracting customers to your beauty salon & aesthetic clinic.

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If a customer enjoyed their salon visit, you want them to be able to share their thoughts easily. Streamline gathering and managing feedback in your salon with Edge. Enhance your salon’s reputation for potential clients seeking beauty and anti-aging solutions.

Create sales competitions

Ignite excitement with sales competitions focused on skincare products or special treatment packages. Motivate your staff to excel in a fun and rewarding way, enhancing both client engagement and product sales.

Drive repeat business

Use Edge to build strong connections with loyal customers at your beauty and anti-aging salon. Introduce customized loyalty programs, special promotions, and appointment reminders to boost client interaction and satisfaction.

Boost Employee engagement

Acknowledge and reward your staff for exceptional client service and expertise. Recognizing these efforts in client care and skill proficiency with Edge helps motivate staff and enhances job satisfaction.

Retain Motivated employees

Keep your employees engaged and motivated at your beauty and anti-aging salon. Our platform provides customized training, recognition initiatives, and chances for career advancement, making sure your staff feels appreciated and empowered.

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Challenges faced by beauty employees

Working in a beauty salon, medspa and aesthetic business can be as demanding as it is rewarding. Employees in this industry face several unique challenges:

Skill upgrades

The beauty industry constantly evolves with new trends and techniques. Keeping up can be stressful for employees who need ongoing training to stay current.

Physical strain

Long hours of standing and performing repetitive tasks can lead to physical fatigue.

High client expectations

Clients of beauty and aesthetic services have high expectations and personalized needs, putting pressure on staff to deliver exceptional and consistent results every time.

Sales pressure

There is significant pressure to upsell services and products, which can be challenging for those who are less inclined towards aggressive sales tactics.

These challenges underscore the need for a supportive team environment that Edge can provide with continuous employee incentives, recognition, and professional development opportunities. Your business will thrive from the Edge platform for your employees.

Online Review Solutions For Beauty & Medspas

Boost your team's skills and enhance your beauty & aesthetic marketing strategies with Edge. Customized training, rewards, and opportunities for career progression will increase employee involvement, creating a strong team ready to boost business success and customer happiness.

Edge offers unmatched support for franchise and multi-location beauty and anti-aging salons. Simplify your operations, maintain consistency across all your locations, and empower your staff with customized training and recognition programs.

Elevate your beauty and anti-aging salon with Edge's frontline staff recognition program. Cultivate a culture of appreciation, driving morale, retention, and business success.

Automate Reviews with Edge’s Point of Sale (POS) integrations

FAQ: About Edge & Google Reviews

Discover the benefits of our automated customer feedback program.

Can Edge help improve your beauty & anti-aging salon's online reputation through Google reviews?
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Edge provides customized plans to improve your salon's online reputation using Google Reviews. Using specific cues and rewards motivates happy customers to spread the word, increasing positive reviews. This method can boost your salon's online presence and strengthens its trustworthiness in the competitive beauty and anti-aging industry.

How important are Google reviews for a beauty and anti-aging salon?
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Google reviews play a crucial role in beauty and anti-aging salons, acting as a powerful tool for virtual word-of-mouth marketing. When potential clients come across positive reviews, it boosts their confidence and highlights the expertise and satisfaction of your salon. These reviews have a direct impact on consumer choices, attracting more customers and enhancing the online presence and reputation of your salon.

How can Edge help clients leave Google reviews for your salon?
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Edge can guide you when encouraging customers to leave reviews. Your salon can deliver quality service and subtly mention a review while they're at your establishment. Send thank-you emails after their visit, including review links for quick access. Consider giving discounts or rewards as a thank-you for their feedback using Edge’s SMS campaign.

Can Edge help your salon retain more employees?
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Yes, Edge can significantly aid your salon's employee retention. By offering personalized benefits, recognition, and career advancement opportunities tailored to the beauty and anti-aging industry, Edge fosters loyalty, motivation, and long-term commitment among your staff.

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