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Edge empowers your employees to drive member growth, enhance your business reputation and boost guest engagement for repeat business.

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Employee rewards that drive new guests and members to your fitness studios.

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Integrate your gym, health and fitness POS with our platform to automate your Google review generation via SMS and elevate productivity in your studio operations.

Create sales competitions

Inject excitement into your fitness studio with Edge’s sales contests. Motivate your staff to excel by rewarding achievements like securing new gym memberships, selling fitness packages, or achieving personal training goals.

Drive repeat business

Foster a community at your studio by encouraging guests to share their experience on Google Reviews. The invaluable feedback provides insights into what works & what can be improved — whether it’s top-quality classes or facility improvements.

Boost Employee engagement

Amplify motivation and commitment in your fitness and health studio by giving deserved recognition to your staff. Whether it’s a personal trainer who designs innovative fitness regimes or a wellness expert who provides exceptional care, Edge helps you recognize their contributions.

Retain Motivated employees

Utilize Edge’s employee insights to pinpoint and retain the top performers within your fitness and health enterprise. Our tools help you identify who goes the extra mile in customer service, allowing you to provide targeted incentives and career development opportunities.

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Growth challenges in the fitness industry

Fitness and exercise businesses often face unique challenges that can affect employee motivation and retention. Understanding these challenges is key to creating a supportive and productive work environment:

High job demands

Employees in the fitness industry often work early mornings, late evenings, or weekends to accommodate guest schedules.

Physical stress

Physical trainers and wellness providers frequently engage in activities that can lead to fatigue and injury.

Client dependence

The success of personal trainers and instructors is heavily reliant on client retention, making fluctuations in guest numbers a significant stress factor.

Limited career advancement

In many fitness and health organizations, there is an evident lack of career progression paths.

Performance pressure

There is constant pressure to maintain high client satisfaction.

By addressing these challenges with strategic initiatives and support systems, Edge helps fitness brands foster a resilient workforce. With features like automated review collection, recognition for frontline staff, and support for career development, Edge ensures that employees feel equipped to deliver exceptional service.

Growth Solutions for Fitness Brands

Edge's platform is crafted exclusively for exercise & fitness studios, equipping your team to optimize operational efficiency. Our incentive program recognizes employees for outstanding guest support and positive feedback online.

Thousands of exercise & fitness studios, franchise owners, and wellness brands rely on Edge to boost revenue and motivate their teams to improve client satisfaction with stellar reviews on Google.

Over 130,000 employees in the exercise & fitness industry are using Edge to enhance their earnings, garner acknowledgment, and boost career development.

Automate Reviews with Edge’s Point of Sale (POS) Integrations

FAQ: About Edge & Google Reviews

Explore the advantages of our automated customer feedback program.

Why does your fitness & health business need reviews on Google Maps?
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Having positive Google Maps reviews can boost your credibility, draw in more potential clients, and boost your local search rankings if you're in the fitness and health industry. When people see good feedback about your services, it shows them that you know your stuff and can be trusted, making them more likely to pick you over other options.

How to get Google reviews for your fitness & health business?
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You can encourage happy customers to spread the word about their positive experiences on Google. Give them a little extra motivation by offering discounts or freebies in exchange for leaving a review. Prompt them either through email or in-person requests with Edge’s customer feedback campaign. Make sure the review process is smooth by providing clear instructions and links.

How to get a higher rating on Google Maps?
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To boost your fitness and health business's rating on Google Maps, ensure accurate business information, encourage positive reviews from satisfied customers, respond promptly to any feedback, and regularly update your listing with fresh content, promotions, and high-quality images to attract potential clients.

How to use Edge to retain more fitness & health employees in your business?
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Retain your fitness and health employees by using Edge to provide customized benefits, recognition, and opportunities for career growth. Customize the program to meet the specific requirements of your industry, promoting loyalty and motivation among your staff. This will boost retention rates and contribute to the success of your organization.

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