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Connect your Point of Sale (POS) to automate Google Reviews generation and employee mention tracking to drive a higher Google rating and outrank your competition.

Driving Growth with Employee Rewards

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Connect your Point of Sale (POS)

We'll help you hook into one of our existing Point of Sale (POS) integrations, allowing your customers to provide instant feedback online or from their SMS-enabled mobile devices the moment they make a purchase.

Incorporating your sales process into our POS integrations automates the review process, streamlines the customer experience, and ensures you and your team never miss valuable feedback from a client.

Build Your Team Leaderboard

Once you add your employees to the customer feedback platform, all reviews mentioning a member of staff will automatically appear on your team leaderboard. 

You'll gain a wide range of insights into what constitutes exemplary performance, allowing you to make critical business decisions backed by real customer data.

"Mobilize" Your Team

The Edge Employee App—available in both iOS and Android—is the best way to keep your team motivated, engaged, and on the same page.

Your employees can view near real-time feedback about their service to customers, gain recognition for positive reviews, and even claim rewards for their efforts. 

Our Point of Sale (POS) Integrations

Frequently asked questions

What's the benefit of connecting my Point of Sale (POS) to the feedback platform?
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When you connect your existing POS to our employee incentives program, you'll be able to get feedback, host competitions and give out rewards automatically. When a customer requests to make a purchase, they'll immediately be prompted to give feedback. If they mention a staff member in the review, our system will automatically give your employee points that they can use to claim rewards. Edge handles everything, so you can spend more time growing your business.

Can my team view the leaderboard from within the Edge Employee app?
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Yes, every member of your team will be able to see their own score and that of their colleagues from the mobile app. If the score updates, they'll be able to view changes in real time.

What can I do if a customer leaves a negative review?
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No business likes to see a bad review. That's why our review platform lets you chat with unhappy customers in real-time through SMS. Find out ways to improve, learn more about why a customer had a poor experience, and offer incentives to retain them. Edge gives you the opportunity to turn frustrated buyers into loyal customers.

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