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Learn how the Edge platform enhances staff performance, boosts customer satisfaction, and elevates your wellness brand.

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Reward your team for attracting guests to your personal care & wellness business.

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Automate the collection of glowing testimonials about your therapists. Show potential customers the personal touch and expert care they can expect at your facility, boosting your online presence and drawing new clients.

Create sales competitions

Whether it's promoting a new facial treatment or a membership package, Edge helps motivate your staff with sales challenges that are fun and rewarding, directly impacting your salon's revenue and team spirit.

Drive repeat business

Use Edge to develop loyalty programs that resonate with your health-focused clientele. Offer rewards for frequent visits, referrals, or purchases of wellness products, boosting ongoing engagement and enhancing guest retention.

Boost Employee engagement

Spotlight staff members who receive consistent praise for their exceptional approach to holistic care and personal wellness. Edge makes it easy to celebrate and share these achievements.

Retain Motivated employees

In the fluctuating landscape of personal care, keeping your staff motivated and committed is crucial. Edge helps create a culture of support and recognition, reducing turnover and keeping your team's morale high.

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Employee challenges in the personal care & wellness industry

The personal care and wellness industry is intensely customer-focused and relies heavily on employee performance. However, various challenges can impact employee satisfaction and retention, including:

High emotional labor

Employees need to manage customer expectations while maintaining a calm and accommodating demeanor.

Irregular hours and seasonality

Fluctuating work schedules and seasonality can lead to inconsistent income.

Physical demands

Long hours on their feet.

Limited growth opportunities

A lack of clear career progression or professional development opportunities.

Competitive work environment

High competition among staff for tips, clients, and recognition can create a stressful and divisive workplace culture.

Edge addresses these challenges by building a supportive and engaging work environment that recognizes and rewards employee efforts. By encouraging their professional growth, they can prosper alongside your business.

Grow Your Personal Care & Wellness Brands

Help your team become advocates for your personal care and wellness business. Provide them with the necessary resources, training, and acknowledgment to genuinely endorse your brand.

Our platform provides assistance for franchise and multi-location personal care and wellness businesses. Guarantee brand uniformity, and equip local managers with resources for effective communication, training, and performance monitoring.

Boost morale and productivity in your personal care and wellness business with our frontline staff recognition initiative. Recognize hard work and outstanding performance to promote a culture of gratitude.

Automate Reviews with Edge’s Point of Sale (POS) integrations

FAQ: About Edge & Google Reviews

Explore the advantages of our automated customer feedback initiative.

How does Edge benefit personal care and wellness businesses in managing Google reviews?
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Edge streamlines the process of managing Google reviews by providing tools to monitor, respond to, and analyze feedback. It helps businesses maintain a positive online reputation and address customer concerns.

Can Edge help your personal care and wellness business generate more Google reviews?
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Yes, Edge offers features to encourage more Google reviews, such as automated review requests sent to satisfied clients post-service. Additionally, it provides insights to improve customer experiences, leading to more positive reviews.

Why does your personal care and wellness business need Google reviews?
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Having Google reviews is essential for your personal care and wellness business since they establish trust, credibility, and online visibility. Positive reviews bring in new clients, enhance your search engine rankings, and set you apart from your competitors. Customers who see positive reviews are more likely to use your products and services.

How to recognize your employees for business growth?
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Acknowledging the hard work of your employees is key to boosting business growth. Create customized recognition initiatives, provide rewards such as bonuses or additional time off, and publicly celebrate accomplishments. When you appreciate your team's dedication, you help create a supportive work environment that encourages success and creativity.

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