Reputation Management Software

Edge automates customer feedback to Google Reviews and taps into the impact of exceptional service of frontline employees to boost your brand's online reputation.

Drive More Reviews

Over 99.9% of customers read reviews when they shop online

Outrank the Competition

53% of customers won’t go to a business rated under 4 stars

Respond to Customers

53% of customers expect a response to negative feedback within one week

Google and Social Media Reputation Management

Sync your Point of Sale (POS) to Edge to automatically collect, post, and respond to customer feedback on Google reviews in one easy-to-use single dashboard.

Connect your feedback to Google reviews

This makes it faster for you to reward employees for positive reviews and allows you to respond quickly to negative reviews that could be harming your online reputation. Stop missing the reviews that matter. Start enhancing your business reputation today with Edge.

We make it easier to collect, post, and respond to valuable customer reviews. Once you sync Edge's review monitoring platform to your POS, you'll be able to collect and read every single review about your business from customers, all in one place.

Motivate and Mobilize your team

Once you add your employees to Edge's online reputation management software, any reviews that mention your staff members will automatically appear on your team leaderboard.

You'll gain dozens of outstanding insights into what constitutes great performance. Plus, with Edge's automated online review organization, you'll be able to reward the employees who deliver exceptional service as and when it happens.

Never miss an opportunity to respond

With Edge's Online Reputation Management Tool, you'll be notified of any positive or negative feedback as soon as it happens. This offers you the valuable opportunity to respond to customer service concerns promptly and effectively.

The faster you address negative customer feedback, the more you provide social proof to potential customers that their views matter to you. Our platform ensures you'll never miss the chance to show that your business cares about customer concerns.

Frequently asked questions

What can I do if a customer leaves a negative review?
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Negative reviews can spell disaster for a company's online reputation. That's why our platform immediately notifies you whenever you receive feedback, allowing you to address bad reviews promptly and efficiently. Edge even allows you to communicate with unhappy customers in real-time via SMS, making it easier than ever before to get to the bottom of your customer's negative experience. With our customer service platform, you'll have the opportunity to turn disgruntled buyers into happy customers.

How can my team view the leaderboard?
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Every member of your team can view how they're performing in real-time through the Edge Employee app. If a consumer leaves a positive review after a great customer interaction, they'll be the first to know. They'll even receive points that they can use to claim rewards. As business owners, this online review management software lets you share valuable insights quickly with your team members.

Why should I hook my Google account and social media channels up to the Edge platform?
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In the digital age, there are dozens of ways for a customer to leave a review - whether it's star ratings or long online reviews. Unfortunately, this means it's all too easy for valuable feedback and actionable insights to get lost. By the time you discover it, the time to reply has long past. With Edge's easy integrations, you'll never have to worry about missing negative or positive customer reviews again. All of your reviews from social channels and major review sites will appear in one place, meaning you'll always have the opportunity to reply as soon as a customer leaves feedback.

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