Franchise & Service Brand Growth Platform

Running a service business is challenging. At Edge, we're here to help you overcome your frustrations.

Our Employee-Driven Growth Engine (EDGE) solution makes it easier to generate positive reviews, collect customer feedback, run sales contests, and reward outstanding employees for their hard work.

Why Edge? We help thousands of businesses grow revenue, retain valuable customers, and motivate their team. Edge's employee rewards solution is your ticket to success.

Recognition Fosters Trust

85% of employees worldwide feel unmotivated.

Recognition Creates Action

77% would agree to work harder if they were receiving more recognition.

Recognition Drives Profit

An 5% increase in the employee recognition can increase profits by 85%.

Employee-Driven Growth Engine

An employee-driven growth program for your frontline employees is the best way to drive new sales. The Edge platform makes it easy for franchise & multi-location brands to grow with motivated employees.

Reduce Your Marketing Spend

Tired of spending a fortune on unreliable, outsourced marketing efforts? Sick of seeing your advertisements not bring you the results you'd hoped? Employee-driven growth offers a revolutionary approach to marketing, shifting the focus from expensive ads to the marketing capabilities of your own team.

By incentivizing your employees to provide exceptional customer service, you'll witness a natural boost in your business's reputation and customer retention rate, all while saving on costly marketing expenses.

Motivate and Retain Your Team

Keeping your team motivated and engaged is a constant battle. High employee turnover disrupts business operations and negatively impacts your bottom line. Employee-Driven Growth addresses this problem head-on by fostering a positive workplace culture that celebrates your employee’s achievements. 

By leveraging Edge to recognize and value the contributions of your employees, you can boost team morale, increase job satisfaction, and improve turnover. Our employee incentive solution encourages employees to take ownership of their careers, encouraging loyalty and commitment to your business's success.

Take Control of Your Online Reputation

Your online reputation is vital in today's dynamic digital landscape. Negative reviews and poor experiences can be detrimental to your success. Take back control of your online presence with Edge’s employee growth platform.

By responding promptly to unhappy guests, leveraging positive customer feedback, and empowering your team to provide exceptional customer experiences, you'll build an authentic and positive online reputation that attracts new customers and instills consumer confidence in your brand.

Harness the Power of Employee Engagement

Engaging your employees and aligning them with your business's goals is key to sustainable growth. Employee-Driven Growth provides you with the tools to cultivate a motivated and empowered workforce.

By tapping into the power of friendly sales competitions, leaderboards, and employee recognition programs, you'll cultivate a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition within your team. This engagement translates into increased productivity, improved customer service, and, ultimately, accelerated business growth.

Join the Movement and Claim Your Edge

Don't let common business challenges hold you back from realizing your business' full potential.Embrace the power of Employee-Driven Growth and revolutionize the way you run your business.

At Edge, we're committed to helping you overcome obstacles, increase profitability, and create a thriving workplace environment through employee growth. Join the community of businesses and employees who are already gaining their Edge!

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