Automated Employee Sales & Service Contests

Build a thriving sales channel with automated company contests, realtime performance leaderboards & employee satisfaction surveys.

Driving Growth with Employee Rewards

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Get the Word Out

Launching a product or service? Opening more locations? Your automated contest platform is the perfect marketing channel to keep your employees up to date about your big ideas.

Use team contests to push new service offerings. Spark fair competition by having your employees compete to sell a new product. Motivate your team to get paid and learn more about your business.

The Spirit of Competition

Looking to exceed your key performance indicators? Take advantage of our automated sales contests to get your entire team in the competitive spirit.

Scientific research shows that healthy competition increases dopamine in the brain. This means more focus, improved morale, and better employee engagement.

You set your competition parameters and determine the rewards you want. All notifications to your team are sent in real time via our mobile app.

Collect Team Feedback

Your employees have valuable feedback to share about your business. Their reviews can help you come up with new ideas and discover innovative ways to provide exemplary customer service.

Gathering feedback doesn't just improve your service. You'll build trust with your team as you work towards common goals. Employees with high job satisfaction are, on average, 16% more productive. It's a no-brainer.

Our Point of Sale (POS) Integrations

Frequently asked questions

How can I see how my employees are performing?
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Edge makes it easy to create competition leaderboards. Every time your employee has an outstanding performance, they'll receive points for their efforts. You'll be able to access the leaderboard whenever you like, See exactly how well each of your employees is performing.

Will the contest platform help me reach my company's sales goals?
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Friendly competition does wonders for team morale. Each of your sales reps will have a renewed drive to perform to the best of their ability. Plus, when an employee receives positive feedback, the rest of your team will have the opportunity to congratulate them. Companies with actively motivated employees realize a 27% higher profit.

Can I customize the rewards I offer to the winners of a competition?
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Edge makes it easy to run competitions that align with your company values. Whether you'd like to offer cash incentives, paid time off, or gift cards, our competition platform makes it simple to set the rewards you want.

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