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Edge's employee retention solution make it easy to identify your top performers. Recognize frontline employees for outstanding service, offer incentives or rewards, and collect performance insights to unlock the potential of your team.

Driving Growth with Employee Rewards

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Informed and Streamlined Feedback

Getting feedback regarding your employees can be laborious, especially when thousands of staff members work under you. Manual data gathering can take weeks and reduces the time you have to spend on critical processes.

Edge automates and streamlines the customer review process, making securing insightful feedback about your staff members easier. All feedback is stored in an easy-to-read database. View everything your customers are saying about your employees, all in one place.

Unlock Team Performance

Edge makes it easier to discover patterns in customer feedback. Analyze keyword aggregations in detail, view high-level trends and learn everything there is to know about your employees' performances.

With Edge, you'll have everything you need to recognize your employees, create a positive company culture, improve employee engagement, and reduce turnover rates.

Identify your Top Employees

Being aware of your top employees and their performance is vital for long-term success. Recognizing extraordinary staff members improves employee retention rates, increases job satisfaction, and motivates your employees to succeed.

With Edge, you can quickly view and analyze every piece of employee feedback your customers provide. This allows you to reward outstanding customer service quickly and decisively.  

Autmate your growth with our POS integrations

Frequently asked questions

How does Edge automate the feedback process?
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Edge integrates with over 75 significant Point of Sale (POS) systems. When your customer leaves a review and mentions an employee by name, our customer management solution will automatically categorize the review and give your employee the recognition they deserve. You'll be able to see every piece of positive feedback about your employees at a glance, allowing you and your staff members to congratulate them. This boosts employee morale and motivates your staff members to keep up the excellent work.

How can Edge reduce employee turnover?
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An employee recognized for their work is an employee who enjoys the work they do. Edge makes it easier to reward your staff for their outstanding service. This increases employee satisfaction and contributes towards a positive company culture. The happier your staff are, the more likely it is they'll want to stay and work for your company for the long haul.

Can other members of staff see when an employee gets positive feedback?
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Yes. Edge makes it easy to set up leaderboards and start competitions. When one employee receives feedback, they'll be awarded with points that they can use to claim rewards. This friendly competition creates motivation and boosts engagement.. It also allows employees to recognize and appreciate their colleagues for hard work.

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