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Edge uses the power of employee-driven growth to transform your dispensary operations, online reviews, sales & feedback management.

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Reward your budtenders for driving customers into your cannabis dispensaries.

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Streamline your Google review process and boost your dispensary's productivity by connecting our 75+ Point of Sale (POS) systems, handling employee rewards, and collecting customer feedback through Google reviews.

Create sales competitions

Motivate your team to excel in selling specific cannabis products or achieving high customer service ratings. Foster a fun and competitive atmosphere with sales contests that boost morale while driving sales across your dispensary.

Drive repeat business

Build strong communities in your cannabis dispensary by navigating through reviews and feedback. Encourage authentic Google reviews to engage with new and repeated clients.

Boost Employee engagement

Enhance employee engagement at your cannabis dispensary by acknowledging and rewarding your frontline workers. Inspire your team to provide outstanding service in the cannabis sector by providing flexible incentives that boost team spirit.

Retain Motivated employees

Use Edge's insights to pinpoint exceptional customer service providers in your dispensary, creating a nurturing workplace that keeps top talent.

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Challenges faced by Cannabis Dispensaries

The cannabis industry, while booming, presents unique challenges to those on the front lines. Understanding these challenges is crucial for tailoring support and enhancing employee satisfaction:

Regulatory complexity

Employees must stay informed about ever-changing local and federal regulations, which can be complex.

Customer education

Many customers are new to cannabis products and require detailed information and guidance, placing a high demand on employee knowledge and communication skills.

Safety concerns

Handling cannabis products requires strict adherence to safety protocols to ensure both legal compliance and personal safety.

Stigma and public perception

Despite growing acceptance, stigma around cannabis use persists, which can impact employee interactions and personal job satisfaction.

These points highlight the need for a supportive and empowering environment that can help employees overcome these challenges effectively. Edge's platform is designed to assist in managing these issues through structured support, training, and recognition programs, making it an invaluable tool for cannabis dispensaries looking to thrive.

Online Review Solutions for Dispensaries

Let’s say a customer is super stoked about the experience and service at your dispensary. The idea is that Edge allows you to personally reward that employee.

Over 5,000 cannabis dispensaries, franchise owners, and cannabis brands trust Edge. Manage your online reputation across your dispensary locations with great Google reviews.

More than 130,000 employees are using Edge in cannabis stores to boost their benefits, receive recognition, and reach career goals in the cannabis sector.

Automate Reviews with Edge’s Point of Sale (POS) integrations

FAQ: Google Reviews For Your Dispensary

Discover the advantages of our automated customer feedback program.

Why get reviews on Google Maps for your dispensary?
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Positive reviews on Google Maps can really boost your cannabis dispensary's visibility, credibility, and trust with potential customers. They act as solid evidence of the high-quality cannabis products and services you offer, which can influence consumer choices. This can lead to more people visiting your dispensary and increasing your sales.

How to get Google reviews for your cannabis store?
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Encourage happy customers to share their positive experiences about your cannabis store on Google by sending them personalized follow-up emails or texts. You can even offer them incentives such as discounts or freebies from Edge’s SMS campaign.

How to improve your rankings on Google Maps?
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Make sure your cannabis dispensary has accurate business information, uses relevant keywords, and interacts with your audience through consistent updates to boost your Google Maps rankings. Remember, consistency, relevance, and a positive user experience are essential.

How to retain more employees in your cannabis dispensary with Edge?
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Keep your cannabis dispensary staff happy and motivated with Edge by providing extra perks, acknowledgment, and chances for career growth. Edge offers a personalized employee recognition system that promotes loyalty and drive among your team, leading to improved staff retention.

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