Custom Employee Rewards that Drive Growth for Franchise & Service Brands

Edge Team
April 1, 2024
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Every day, dedicated employees in service-based businesses work tirelessly to create memorable customer experiences, yet they often go unrecognized and unrewarded for their hard work. This lack of employee recognition leads to a decrease in team engagement and commitment, impacting customer satisfaction and ultimately resulting in decreased sales and unhappy employees.

Empowering your team with employee-driven growth acknowledges their hard work and provides meaningful incentives for delivering an exceptional customer experience. The Edge approach ensures that your employees are motivated to go above and beyond, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Unlike traditional employee rewards, the Edge platform incentivizes employees for generating online review mentions, engaging in sales contests, collecting SMS-based customer feedback and more. Edge makes it easy to set up flexible employee rewards for a single or thousands of business locations.

For multi-location franchise and service brands, the Edge platform offers a high-ROI return on your marketing investment by providing a range of custom employee rewards like cash, time-off, gift cards, store credit, and more. These customizable incentives empower business owners to tailor rewards to their employees' preferences, ultimately driving team engagement and fostering loyalty.

  • Select the actions you'd like to incentivize your team with. Tailor each reward channel to perfectly align with your preferences.
  • Craft personalized employee rewards that ignite excitement and engagement within your team, while catering to your specific business goals.
  • Easily keep tabs on who has earned rewards and track when they are distributed. Seamlessly export cash incentives to your payroll system or use the list to track the distribution of non-cash rewards.
  • Your team can find new ways to earn rewards, monitor their progress towards existing reward goals and celebrate their achievements through the OurEdge app, available for download on the Apple iOS and Google Play stores.
“Our new location has received over 500 five-star Google reviews, and Edge helped make that happen. Our employees earned hundreds of dollars in review mention incentives tracked by Edge”, said Lucas Atallah, Director of Operations at Bloomery. “Edge is a great partner for our growing business." 

By incorporating Edge’s flexible rewards and recognition for service employees, a transparent system is established to acknowledge and appreciate valuable team contributions.

  • Showcase high-quality online reviews for prospective customers on Google
  • Address and resolve SMS-based feedback from existing customers
  • Signup and participate in company sales or promotional contests 
  • …and more reward activities coming soon.

With Edge, business owners bridge a crucial gap between motivating their employees and driving business growth with integrated and flexible rewards.

Motivated employees drive business growth, get an Edge demo today.

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