How Does an Organization's Culture Influence Employee Behavior

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November 22, 2023
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Organizational culture stands at the heart of employee behavior, profoundly shaping attitudes, work ethics, and overall performance.

Think of organizational culture, or company or franchise culture, as an invisible force, setting the tone for how all employees interact, solve problems, and make decisions.

In this article, we delve into the intricate ways organizational culture influences employee behavior, emphasizing the role that Edge can play in nurturing a positive work environment.

Defining organizational culture

Organizational culture is a complex concept to define in that it encompasses the shared values, beliefs, and norms within a company. It's the general vibe you would get after observing those working in the company on any given day. 

In this way, some have called it the collective personality of an organization, shaping how employees interact with one another and with their customers.

In customer service businesses, this company culture is all the more important because it shines through on a daily basis. Where interactions are often personal and immediate, say in a gym, barber shop, or restaurant, the organizational culture directly influences the quality of customer interactions. It's often talked about in reference to large, multinational businesses with sprawling offices in city centers, but even small teams in local businesses are part of an organizational culture. 

Whatever the size of the business, a culture that values respect, openness, and excellence will inevitably result in employees displaying these core values in their customer interactions.

Edge understands the intricacies of organizational culture and its impact on employee behavior. Establishing the link between customer feedback and rewards, Edge helps reinforce positive behaviors and values, ensuring that they become second nature to all employees. 

This is particularly crucial in customer service businesses, where the line between employee behavior and customer satisfaction is direct and undeniable.

The impact of organizational culture on employee behavior

A strong and positive organizational culture attracts top talent but also fosters a work environment where employees are motivated to go the extra mile. In short, when the organizations' cultural values align with their frontline employees' wants and needs, the result is often happy employees who want to excel in their roles.

In the world of customer service, this directly translates to better customer interactions, increased customer satisfaction, and, ultimately, business success. Employees in a positive culture feel valued and recognized, leading them to go above and beyond in their customer interactions. Naturally, this can give your business a competitive advantage. 

On the other hand, a toxic culture can breed negativity, resulting in disengagement, high turnover, and poor employee performance.

Edge plays a pivotal role in this dynamic, offering a tangible way for businesses to recognize and reward positive employee behavior.

By doing so, it reinforces the values and norms of a positive organizational structure and culture, ensuring that employees feel valued and motivated to maintain high standards in their customer interactions. This is particularly crucial in customer service, where the employee’s demeanor and behavior can make or break a customer’s experience.

Edge’s role in cultivating a positive culture

Edge emerges as a transformative solution in this context, providing businesses with a platform to acknowledge and reward positive employee behavior.

Edge creates a direct link between recognition and organizational culture, ensuring that the common values and behaviors that define a company are consistently upheld and celebrated. For businesses in local service industries, Edge proves invaluable, translating Google reviews into tangible rewards and fostering a culture of customer service excellence that places the customer in a central role. 

Here's a list of ways Edge specifically shapes employee recognition:

  • Instantaneous rewards - Through the Edge Employee app, staff can immediately see their positive online review mentions and claim their earnings, building an instant reward culture.
  • Streamlined Google reviews view - The app consolidates employee feedback, allowing staff to easily view all the positive customer interactions they've contributed to, boosting morale and motivation.
  • Automatic review mentions tracking - Edge takes the administrative burden off managers by automatically tracking employee mentions in reviews, ensuring no positive deed goes unnoticed.
  • Personalized incentive programs - Understanding that motivation is not one-size-fits-all, Edge allows businesses to tailor their rewards to suit their unique company culture and employee preferences.

See how other businesses are using Edge to reward employees, build a positive culture, and ultimately provide a better customer experience. 

Strategies for building a positive organizational culture

Building a positive organizational culture requires intentional effort and strategy. A strong culture has its foundations in a company mission statement and core values that senior leadership teams take great pains to embed into everything a company does. 

To ensure organizational values lead to a healthy culture at the deepest level, business leaders should:

  • Practice open and honest communication, including soliciting Google reviews, building a culture of trust
  • Clearly articulate company core values for the entire organization
  • Lead by example and demonstrate those values in day-to-day operations
  • Foster inclusivity in the physical environment at work
  • Encourage collaboration across teams
  • Prioritize employee well-being and work-life balance
  • Reward and recognize employees for good job performance
  • Provide opportunities for growth and career progression
  • Encourage behavioral patterns that promote innovation

Sounds like a great company to work for, right? Of course, many of these strategies are interlinked, as one often feeds into the other inevitably. For instance, building trust results from honesty, transparency, team spirit, and many other factors.

Taken holistically, we can see the advantage for organizations that can develop this kind of positive organizational culture—better company performance, increased job satisfaction, and, in all likelihood, happy customers.

By investing in a positive work environment through utilizing tools like Edge, businesses in the customer service industry can enhance these strategies by providing a platform for real-time feedback and rewards, ensuring that positive behavior is recognized and celebrated.

Final thoughts

The impact of organizational culture on employee behavior is profound and far-reaching, particularly in the customer service industry, where interactions are personal, and the impact on the customer experience is direct.

Edge provides a valuable tool for businesses looking to foster their ideal company culture, ensure that positive behavior is consistently acknowledged and celebrated, and build a reputation for excellence in customer service.

By investing in organizational culture and leveraging platforms like Edge, franchise and service businesses can create a thriving work environment that benefits both employees and customers alike.

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