Local SEO for Your Personal Training Franchise Brand

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February 26, 2024
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You can’t attract more consumers if no one has heard of your brand, right? Therefore, it's essential for personal training franchise brands to excel in local search engine optimization (SEO) to succeed in their local markets. 

In fact, 76% of people visit a business within a day of local searching. This is because they can see every business nearby with positive reviews and top rankings on search engines.

With the fitness industry constantly expanding, using local SEO is necessary to increase visibility, draw in potential clients, and boost profits. Whether you run a solo training studio or oversee multiple franchise sites, knowing how to use local SEO can greatly impact your brand's achievements.

Edge’s innovative approach to local SEO can help you get the recognition you deserve as a brand. This platform focuses on review distribution and social media to boost your online presence almost instantly! 

So, by the end of this guide, you'll have all the information and tactics to boost your brand's online presence and attract a larger clientele with Edge. 

Understanding local SEO for personal training brands

Local SEO is crucial for ensuring that your personal training franchise brand is visible to potential clients in your area. While traditional SEO aims to boost your website's ranking in worldwide search results, local SEO is all about reaching users in specific locations.

Traditional SEO focuses on attracting users looking for general information or products/services, regardless of their location. On the other hand, local SEO targets users actively seeking nearby businesses or services. 

For example, when someone searches for "personal trainer near me," they are showing local intent. This local SEO can help your business stand out in these local search results!  

Other benefits of local SEO include:

  • Targeted traffic and qualified leads
  • Enhanced brand credibility and trust
  • Improved user experience 
  • Competitive advantage in the local market 
  • Cost-effective marketing solution

Optimizing your Google My Business listing

Your Google My Business listing acts as an online shop front for your personal training franchise. It offers important details to potential clients and encourages them to connect with your business. To make the most of it, you must optimize your listing in a smart way. 

Here are some tips: 

  • Claim and verify your listing: To start improving your GMB listing, you need to first take ownership of it and verify all your business details. This way, you can manage what shows up and keep everything up to date. Verifying your listing also boosts its credibility with potential customers looking for a personal trainer.
  • Provide accurate business information: The last thing you want is customers calling the wrong number. So, make sure your business name, address, and phone number are correct and match on all platforms. Don't forget to add important details like business hours, website links, and the services you provide. 
  • Add high-quality images: High-quality content is essential for attracting potential clients to your business. This means uploading quality images that highlight your facilities, equipment, trainers, and satisfied clients. These images provide a sneak peek into what potential clients can anticipate when they opt for your personal training franchise. 
  • Select relevant categories: Pick the right categories that best describe your business and the services you provide. You can help Google better understand your business and increase your chances of showing up in local search results. Make sure to include general categories like "fitness instructor” as well as more specific ones such as "nutrition consultant."

Keyword research for local SEO

Conducting keyword research is essential for improving your local SEO strategy for your personal training franchise.

So, what is your local audience searching for? Make sure to include location-specific terms in your research, like your city or neighborhood, so you can target the right searches. Take advantage of tools like Google Autocomplete and Related Searches to discover new keyword ideas, and use Google Keyword Planner and Semrush for more detailed insights!

Also, examine rival keywords to pinpoint areas for improvement and potential advantages in your strategy. Long-tail keywords may not have high search volume, but they can attract high-quality leads due to their specific nature. Concentrate on high-intent keywords that have the potential to generate sales and increase website traffic and conversions.

Some example keywords for a personal training franchise brand include:

  • Personal trainer in [Your City]
  • Fitness classes near [Your Neighborhood]
  • Certified personal trainer [Your City]
  • Weight loss program [Your City]
  • Strength training gym [Your City]
  • Group fitness classes [Your City]
  • Boot camp workouts [Your City]
  • Online personal training [Your City]
  • Fitness center [Your City]
  • Gym memberships [Your City]

Building local citations and backlinks

Local mentions and links from other websites are essential for increasing the visibility of your personal training franchise in local search results. Citations include your business name, address, and phone number on external sites, while backlinks are links from other websites that direct traffic to yours.

Here's how you can effectively build local citations and backlinks to improve your local SEO:

Identify relevant local directories and review sites

Start by searching for trustworthy local directories and review websites to add your business information. Focus on platforms that are popular in your area and specialize in fitness and wellness.

Some examples are Yelp, YellowPages, and local chamber of commerce websites. These platforms can help potential customers determine whether they want to try your services. Edge’s Customer Review Automated Software can actually make your personal training brand more visible due to the automation of positive reviews.  

Ensure consistency and accuracy

Make sure your business NAP details are uniform and correct on all platforms when citing sources. Even small differences in your business name, address, or phone number can harm your local SEO strategies. This means you must stick to a consistent format and promptly make any necessary updates.

Optimize citations with additional information

When you're making citations, make sure to use all the extra fields and options available to give more details about your personal training franchise. This might involve sharing information about your services, business hours, website links, and a short description of what you offer. The more details you include, the simpler it becomes for potential clients to locate and reach out to you.

Earn backlinks from local businesses and organizations

Getting backlinks from nearby businesses, groups, and community sites can really help improve your local SEO ranking. Try reaching out to local gyms, health clubs, wellness centers, and community organizations to form partnerships or sponsorships that benefit both parties. They might be open to linking to your website on their online platforms or event pages.

Offer local sponsorships or scholarships

Supporting local events, sports teams, or community programs through sponsorships or scholarships is a great way to earn local backlinks. It helps the community and boosts your visibility and credibility. Organizers or beneficiaries might link back to your website as a sponsor or supporter.

Create shareable local content

Create engaging content centered around your community to draw in backlinks naturally. This might involve crafting blog articles, infographics, or videos. These should showcase nearby fitness happenings, client achievements in your vicinity, or workout advice customized for your local followers.

Share this content on social platforms and connect with local influencers or bloggers who could help spread the word to their followers.

Local SEO for social media

Did you know that social media platforms play a crucial role in local SEO strategies for personal training franchises in the current digital age? Using social media in the right way can enhance your brand's exposure, interaction, and, ultimately, your rankings in local searches. 

Check out these essential strategies for maximizing your local SEO through your social media presence:

  • Showing local customer reviews: Positive feedback and user-generated content can enhance your reputation and expertise in the eyes of potential customers and search engines. Edge’s Reputation Management software connects your feedback to Google reviews to make your social media platforms more visible. 
  • Integrating local keywords: Remember to add local keywords that are related to your personal training franchise and the specific area you want to reach. These keywords can include city names, neighborhood terms, or famous local landmarks.
  • Optimizing business information: Make sure to properly fill out your social media accounts and keep current with correct business details. These include your franchise name, address, phone number, website link, and hours of operation. Search engines often favor businesses that have reliable and precise information online.
  • Geo-tagging and location tagging: Do you use social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter? Then, make sure to use geo-tagging and location-tagging options to link your posts to specific places. This will make it easier for people to find your posts when looking for local businesses. 
  • Engaging with local audience: Interact with your community on social media by replying to comments, messages, and Google reviews. Motivate your followers to share their thoughts and experiences with your personal training services. 

Monitor and measure your local SEO performance with Edge 

When you start working on improving your local SEO, think about using tools like Edge. Edge is a platform that can assist businesses in getting noticed in their local area. It helps with managing your online presence, tracking local search results, and engaging with potential customers. 

Ready to take your personal training franchise to the next level? Get a demo today!

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