SEO Tactics for Personal Care Franchisees and Owners

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March 31, 2024
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Personal care businesses have a big problem to solve: how to stand out in the crowded online search world. There are so many businesses vying for attention in local search. This means it's essential for them to become experts in search engine optimization (SEO).

No matter if you have a tiny shop selling natural skincare products or a big franchise brand in the beauty industry. Knowing how to use SEO can really help more people find your local business on the internet and make it successful.

An impressive 98% of people rely on online reviews when looking into local businesses. So, if you want to stand out and generate more positive reviews, you must first understand SEO. 

Edge has everything you need to know about local search engine optimization. You can use various tools and software from our platform to make your personal care brand more engaging. Interested? Just keep reading.

The importance of local SEO for your personal care business

People depend on the online search for everything related to skincare and haircare. That's why your personal care brand should be active in Google. Since so many searches are done each day for beauty items, being at the top of search results can make or break your brand.

Increased search visibility and brand awareness

SEO is about making your brand more visible when people search for places on the internet. It helps your brand to stand out when people are searching for personal care products.

Better visibility lets more people know about your brand, so you can get more customers and show that your brand is a trustworthy expert in the industry.

Affordable and long-term marketing solution 

SEO is essential for personal care brands when it comes to marketing. It's better than old-fashioned ways of advertising like TV commercials or print ads. This marketing strategy is affordable and long-lasting.

Although there might be some initial costs involved in implementing and optimizing SEO, the long-term advantages are definitely worth it. Paid advertising demands continuous spending to stay visible, but SEO generates organic traffic and leads gradually. This ensures a steady and dependable customer base.

Reach highly targeted customers

SEO is not like regular ads because it lets you connect with people who are already interested in what you have. This means you can bring in customers who are ready to buy, making your marketing more successful.

Build confidence in your target market

Studies show that websites that show up first in search engine results are trusted more by people. You can gain the trust of your audience and show that your brand is a reliable source of information. This trust is important for turning visitors into loyal customers and creating strong relationships with your audience.

Edge has reputation management software that helps businesses keep track of their online reputation. This software can monitor mentions, reviews, and ratings on various platforms. This tool allows your personal care brand to address customer feedback and build a strong brand image.

Understanding how to use search keywords and optimize your content

Keywords are essential because they help search engines and the people you want to reach find your content. For personal care brands, you must do research on keywords and make sure you use them in the best way possible. This will help you get more customers and make your website more popular.

Finding relevant keywords that relate to personal care

Make sure you know the words people use in the personal care industry before you search for keywords. Think of keywords that relate to your products or personal care services. These could be names of products, ingredients, advantages, or issues your customers care about.

For example, if you run a skincare brand that specializes in anti-aging products, some relevant keywords could be:

  • Anti-aging skincare 
  • Wrinkle cream
  • Hyaluronic acid serum
  • Fine lines treatment

It's essential to think about long-tail keywords, too. These are more specific and unique phrases that might not have as much competition. For example, if we're talking about a skincare brand, some long-tail keywords could be "top anti-aging serum for sensitive skin" or "organic anti-wrinkle cream for older skin."

Optimizing your local content

Once you have discovered the keywords you want to target, the next thing to do is to include them in your website's content. Here are a few areas to concentrate on when improving your content:

  • Title tags and meta descriptions: Make sure to include keywords in the title tags and meta descriptions to get more people to click on your website. 
  • Headers and subheadings: Using relevant words in titles and subtitles is a good way to organize your writing and make it easier to read for people.
  • Body content: Remember to include important words in your writing that make sense and help the reader. Avoid using too many keywords, as this can hurt how high your website shows up in searches.
  • URLs: Improve your URLs for SEO by adding important keywords that will make it easier for search engines to understand what your pages are about.

Content strategy for personal care brand franchisees and owners

It's essential for personal care brands to use content marketing to do well. By sharing helpful info, presenting cool ideas, and showing expertise, your brand can become a top player in the industry and make friends with customers.

Check out these tailored strategies for personal care brand owners:

Seasonal and trend-centric content

Personal care brands can make use of different marketing strategies that are inspired by seasons and holidays. They can take advantage of the latest trends and fully embrace the festive atmosphere. 

For example, your brand can create content that is designed for certain seasons. This could include a skincare tutorial for Valentine's Day or a list of essential beauty products for the summer. This is an excellent approach for brands to stay up-to-date and establish a strong connection with their customers during important times of the year.

Crafting educational content for skincare enthusiasts

Help your audience take control with detailed skincare guides customized for various skin types and issues. You can explore the scientific explanations behind important ingredients, simplifying terms such as retinol, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C. 

You could also share easy instructions for cleansing methods, moisturizing practices, and sun defense. You'll position your brand as a reliable expert in skincare and strengthen your bond with your audience.

Showcasing product benefits through how-to guides and tutorials

Engage your audience by showcasing the real-life uses of your personal care products. Show them how to achieve flawless skincare routines, master haircare techniques, or create stunning makeup looks using your products. 

You can also emphasize how your products can tackle specific concerns or help achieve desired results. Your brand should highlight the benefits of each product to position itself as a reliable expert. 

Get repeat customers with Edge. This customer engagement tool includes SMS campaigns that involve sending specific text messages to subscribers to encourage interaction, loyalty, and sales. These campaigns can consist of promotions, updates on products, reminders for appointments, and personalized offers. 

The power of user-generated content in the beauty industry

User-generated content is essential in the beauty world, as it offers genuine feedback that really connects with customers. From positive reviews to makeup tips and stunning transformations, it is a powerful tool that builds trust and credibility.

Edge’s customer review automated software can gather, sort, and evaluate feedback from customers. It simplifies the task of requesting reviews from customers via emails or messages, making review management easier and offering useful insights to improve brand image and customer happiness. 

Personal care trends to look out for when implementing SEO

The latest personal care trends really affect how brands plan their SEO strategies. Let's check out some of the newest trends to watch out for: 

  • Clean beauty: Clean beauty means using products without any bad chemicals. You can get more attention and appeal to people who want healthier and eco-friendly personal care choices.
  • Wellness integration: Wellness integration means mixing personal care with holistic wellness methods. You can draw in health-conscious customers who want products that help their overall health. To achieve this, you should focus on SEO tactics for wellness-related keywords.
  • Inclusive beauty: Inclusive beauty means using smart tricks to make sure everyone feels included and welcome. It's about using words and pictures that show different kinds of people and making sure everyone can find what they're looking for. Your brand can reach more people and make sure everyone feels like they belong.
  • DIY beauty: Making your own beauty products at home, like DIY beauty, has been a trend in recent years. You can bring in customers who want natural and custom solutions for their skin and hair care.
  • Sustainability: Taking care of the environment is becoming more popular in the personal care industry. You can attract customers who care about the planet and create a strong relationship with them. 

Become one of the best personal care franchisees and owners using Edge

Local SEO is essential for personal care brands. This is because it aids in visibility, foot traffic, and community engagement. Your brand can engage with nearby consumers seeking beauty services or products. With the rise in mobile usage, prioritizing local SEO guarantees accessibility and credibility across online platforms.

Want to grow your business? Get a demo with Edge today. We can help you stand out in your local area with our employee-driven growth tools.

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