AI Tools to Automate Business Growth & Operations for Multi-location Service Business

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May 7, 2024
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The AI opportunity for franchisees and business owners is unlimited, but achieving this operational scale was capped by a disconnect between technology and human capital. Edge’s continuous rewards platform ushers in a new era of employee-driven growth by integrating AI into business growth and employee motivation.

Edge improves employee productivity by crafting on-brand and AI assisted replies for thousands of online reviews and customer feedback. For business owners, the Edge platform boosts staff motivation by highlighting operational improvements and employee training opportunities from customer feedback across a single or thousands of locations.

“Edge’s enhancements help us easily respond to customer reviews with AI-enhanced review responses and acknowledge our customers while staying on brand.” said Brittany Benedict, Sr. Director at Hammer & Nails Grooming Shop for Guys - Westport. “We strive to continuously learn from customer feedback and Edge’s AI-powered reporting gives us valuable operational insights from thousands of online reviews in a single platform.”

Authentic Online Reviews Responses

Effortlessly create authentic and on-brand responses to Google Reviews with the help of cutting-edge AI technology. Let our AI-powered solution take care of the tedious task of online review responses, so you can focus on what truly matters – delivering exceptional products and services to your valued customers.

Craft on-brand responses to customer reviews with AI-assisted replies that save time

Professional Customer Chat Replies

Get AI-enhanced responses to customer feedback that not only provide relevant and professional answers, but also guarantee a swift and gratifying resolution. With our AI technology, your customer interactions will be handled with care and efficiency, ensuring that every concern is addressed and resolved to your highest standard. 

Generate replies to customer feedback with AI-enhanced answers that resolve concerns
Franchisees and service business owners have daily time-intensive marketing tasks across hundreds or thousands of locations.” said Raymond Weisberg, CEO and co-founder of Edge. “Our AI-enhanced platform unlocks a new level of employee productivity making tasks like crafting authentic responses to thousands of online reviews much faster and scalable.”

Business Performance Insights

Uncover the untapped potential within your customer experience and unlock insights from customer reviews and feedback. With a comprehensive understanding of the customer experience, you can optimize your business operations and drive new growth.

Reviews insights that highlight areas of opportunity to drive growth

Team Performance Insights

Discover how our automated insights can upgrade the employee experience and unlock the full potential of your team. Our comprehensive insights will not only drive business growth but also ignite a newfound motivation within your team.

Reviews insights that unlock an exceptional employee experience & motivates your team.

As your franchise or service business becomes more manual and tedious, Edge's AI-enhanced platform transforms your employees into a motivated and productive team. 

Motivated employees drive business growth, get an Edge demo today.

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