EyeRate Rebrands as Edge, the #1 Employee-Driven Growth Engine for Service Brands

Edge Team
November 15, 2023
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You may have noticed that EyeRate has a new look and name, Edge or Employee-Driven Growth Engine. We recently kicked off a rebrand project to align our vision to accelerate income equality for people with a new brand that didn’t just look good, but also created a new product category that redefined how frontline workers earn and service brands grow. 

We’re elated to finally reveal the new era of Edge, the reasons behind our decision to rename our company, rebrand, and how this new look has translated across our product.

Former Frontline Employees Turned Founders 

Edge was founded in 2019 by former service-based employees who collectively worked at restaurants, retail and more. They were irate that the hardest working people in the service industry did not get proper recognition or earnings, which resulted in less than stellar business results. Our seed round funding in 2022 launched an exciting trajectory as we paved the way for a new era of how frontline workers were compensated and recognized in the service industry.

We started by helping service employees earn more for getting endorsed or mentioned in online reviews, which led to further earnings opportunities with the advent of ranking on a scoreboard in sales competitions. Since our mission has always been larger than reputation management, our product roadmap has evolved to give service brands an Edge in the market with custom employee incentives that are designed for business growth.

As local businesses found success on our platform by generating positive feedback from 100k+ employees and $4 million in additional earnings paid to frontline workers, we needed a new brand identity that reflected our position as pioneers in the industry. 

Introducing Edge for Service & Franchise Brands 

Edge introduces the future of service-based work that rewards frontline employees for advocating your multi-location service brand. Research shows that 77% of employees would agree to work harder if they were receiving more recognition. The Edge employee-driven growth program rewards your customer facing team with flexible incentives for exceptional service that improves employee morale and customer satisfaction.

With employee-driven growth, you encourage your frontline team to advocate for your services by actively recognizing top performers that contribute to your business success. Even a 5% increase in the employee recognition can increase profitability of your business by up to 85%. “Edge has been instrumental in driving a high volume of customer reviews and showcasing the exceptional customer service of our associates.” said Carly Tietzer, VP of Marketing, European Wax Center. “Edge's easy platform onboarding and adoption by our corporate team and franchisees has enabled our associates to earn over half a million dollars in additional rewards and recognition, resulting in positive feedback from our franchisees and associates in this tight labor market”.

Employee-driven growth also empowers your team to cultivate authentic relationships with your local customers. When employees are actively involved in promoting your business, customers perceive their interactions as genuine and trustworthy. Compared to traditional advertising, employee-driven authenticity fosters stronger connections, increases consumer satisfaction, and makes it more likely that customers will return to your business, cultivating a stronger local community for your services.

Meet the New Edge Platform  


Welcome to our newly-designed and meticulously crafted landing page which ensures seamless navigation and instant access to your essential data. Experience a hassle-free interface that prioritizes clarity, helping you make informed decisions about your business and your team and gain your edge.

Edge - Dashboard


Unleash your team's potential with our revamped sales competition feature, where teams and employees can go head-to-head and compete for prizes. Participants can get live leaderboard updates right on their employee mobile app, driving a competitive spirit that sustains business growth over time.

Edge - Scoreboard & Sales Competitions

Online Reviews:

Discover Edge's comprehensive Online Reviews Analytics dashboard, designed to empower businesses with insightful data on customer feedback trends over time. From tracking monthly employee-driven performance to detailed category breakdowns, gain a competitive edge by understanding how your customers truly feel.

Edge - Online Reviews

Employee Rewards:

Experience the power of Edge's employee rewards platform, a one-stop solution for tracking and managing staff bonuses and incentives. With a sleek dashboard showcasing earnings history, reward trends, and payout metrics, you can effortlessly recognize and reward your team's exceptional performance aligned to business growth.

Edge - Employee Rewards

Custom Employee Rewards:

Dive into our innovative flex rewards engine, designed to empower managers with customizable reward options (cash, time off, product credits & more) tailored to your business and your team’s preferences. Simplify the rewards process while ensuring satisfaction, with an interface built for easy reward management and redemption.

Edge - Custom Employee Rewards

Employee Profile:

Unlock the power of data-driven insights with our comprehensive employee profile solution, a cornerstone of the employee driven growth platform. Employees can easily monitor their individual performance, track job satisfaction, and view real-time feedback, all consolidated in an intuitive interface tailored for optimal employee engagement.

Edge - Employee Profile

Employee Mobile App:

Allow your team to experience a personalized user journey with the Edge employee app, available on both iOS and Android. From boosting profile strength, tracking reviews and leaderboard standings to claiming earnings in real-time, this user-centric design provides employees with all essential tools, streamlining their path to growth and success.

Edge - Employee Mobile App

The new and improved Edge platform allows you to tap into the collective potential of your workforce and measure their results, as your employees drive acquisition, retention, and loyalty through genuine engagement with your customers.

What’s Next? 

An immense effort has gone into our rebrand and product redesign, and we take substantial pride in our ledgendary team's accomplishments. However, our journey is far from over. In the months ahead, we remain committed to enhancing the employee-driven growth experience with thoughtful solutions that reward and acknowledge exceptional team performance, adding significant value to the businesses they represent.

We're thrilled about this next phase of Edge and are delighted to have you along as we unveil a new era of employee-driven compensation and recognition designed specifically for frontline employees and the service brands they represent. To get a demo of the new Edge platform, click here.

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