Edge Partners with Mindbody & Booker to Serve Multi-location Beauty & Wellness Brands

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April 29, 2024
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As the wellness and beauty industry adapts to increased customer choice, Edge is thrilled to partner with Mindbody to offer business owners and franchisees the experience of employee-driven growth

Edge, today announced an integration with Mindbody and Booker, a leading experience technology platform for the wellness and beauty industries. The new Edge app in the Mindbody marketplace unlocks employees as a growth channel for wellness studios, and boosts team motivation with continuous rewards & recognition.

"We are excited to now offer Edge's employee-driven growth to Mindbody customers, allowing them to enhance both the member and frontline employee experience," said Alice Shen, Director of Business Development at Mindbody. "The combination of Edge and Mindbody creates an unparalleled experience for wellness brands, giving studio owners and employees the power of growth at their fingertips and exceptional service for members."

Edge enables Mindbody’s customers to acquire new guests and convert them to lifelong members. With Edge, beauty and wellness businesses enable continuous employee rewards to generate more online reviews, create engaging sales contests & swiftly address customer feedback.

  • Automate Customer Reviews - Get more new customers from Google Search and Maps with employee incentives that drive positive customer reviews. Define review mentions employee bonus and our automated employee tracking does the rest. 
  • Realtime Team Contests - Fire up friendly competition amongst your team to promote products & services. Automated team contests make setup a breeze and tracking easy with live leaderboards. Enable easy employee contest signup and notifications from the Edge mobile app.
  • Customer Feedback Resolution - Handle customer feedback discreetly & swiftly with Edge. Enable your management team to get negative customer feedback notifications and resolve them with AI-enhanced customer replies and review responses.
  • Lost Customer Retention - Save lost business & boost customer loyalty by identifying unhappy customers and resolving their issues with SMS chat. As an added bonus, determine the ROI of saving customers by tracking their future spending.
”Edge enabled our team members to continuously earn cash rewards for delivering exceptional service and generating positive Google Reviews from our spa guests”, said Marty Langenderfer, CEO of Spavia. “Onboarding our team and guests to leverage employee-driven growth was made easy by the Edge and Mindbody integration.”

With the Mindbody and Edge partnership, your beauty or wellness business can reward their frontline employees with incentives designed to boost team motivation & operational excellence. 

  • Integrated Employee Rewards - Enjoy employee incentives designed for business growth. Easily setup rewards thresholds and goals with automated reward tracking & distribution via the Edge mobile app.
  • Custom Employee Incentives - Setup flexible rewards preferred by your team like cash or non-cash (gift cards, time-off, preferred shifts, merchandise) incentives. Enjoy Edge’s automated earnings tracking and manage distribution from a single platform.
  • Top Employee Recognition - Recognize & reward your best team members with AI-powered performance insights from online reviews and customer feedback. 
  • Reduce Employee Turnover - Enable rewards that encourage employee loyalty. Identify & reward top performers with elite rewards. Setup incentives that rewards long-term employees.
"As the wellness industry adapts to increased customer choice, we are thrilled to partner with Mindbody to offer wellness brands the experience of employee-driven growth" said Raymond Weisberg, CEO & cofounder of Edge. "With Edge, wellness studios can now continuously reward their frontline employees for activities that drive business growth and exceptional guest experience."

With Edge, business owners and franchisees bridge a crucial gap between motivating their team and driving growth with continuous employee rewards.

Motivated employees drive business growth, get an Edge demo today.

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