Franchise Growth Through Google Reviews and Customer Feedback: How Your Vape Shop Can Thrive

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November 22, 2023
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The vaping industry is a fiercely competitive market, meaning your business must stand out in order to attract dedicated customers. 

Achieving this franchise growth and recognition isn’t just about offering the latest flavors, combustible cigarettes, and vaping devices—it’s about understanding and adapting to the dynamic preferences of your customers. Using Edge can offer strategic insights into expanding your vape shop into a thriving franchise.

The importance of Google reviews and customer feedback tools

The ability to adapt and innovate is a crucial factor that sets successful vape shop retailers apart. One of the most beneficial tools for navigating this landscape is customer feedback. Gaining insights from your customers can help you plan for the future growth of your vape shop.

To really get the most out of selling your e-cigarette products and exceeding other vape shop retailers, you must understand how and why Google reviews are essential. 

Here are a couple of reasons why Google reviews and customer feedback are important for growing your vape business. 

Insight into customer satisfaction

By actively seeking input on customer experiences, preferences, and suggestions, you gain valuable insights into what makes them happy. Positive Google reviews not only highlight your vape shop’s strengths but also show the aspects that resonate most with your customers. 

Whether it’s strong customer service, a unique flavor, or a seamless online shopping experience, this kind of satisfaction can help your business sustain and enhance customer loyalty.

Product innovation and diversification

Google reviews and customer feedback can guide your vape shop toward the development of new flavors, combustible cigarettes, and experiences. For example, more than a few customers express their desire for a specific fusion of tropical flavors. Now that you’re armed with this insight, your vape shop can craft an exclusive blend, meeting not just a demand but creating a trend.

Build trust and credibility

Embracing Google reviews and customer feedback is not just a means of improving your vape products—it’s essential for building a solid foundation of trust. When customers see your business values their opinions, it creates a powerful narrative of a vape shop committed to their satisfactory e-cigarette use.

Responding to both positive and negative Google reviews and feedback showcases authenticity. This means that your shop establishes itself as a credible player in the industry. In turn, more customers will trust buying your electronic cigarettes and combustible cigarettes.

Gain a competitive edge in the vaping industry

Gaining a competitive edge is essential for growing your business as a vape shop owner. Google reviews offer insights that can help you navigate the evolving desires of e-cigarette users. 

This means your vape shop isn’t just responding to the market—it’s shaping it. This approach will push your business ahead of stubborn competitors. 

How your vape shop can achieve franchise growth with Google Reviews 

Now you understand the basics of why Google reviews and customer feedback are essential. However, it’s important to note that you should opt for customer feedback tools that resonate with the changing trends of e-cigarette use. Just as each vape blend has its unique features, tailor your Google reviews tools to cater to the diverse preferences of your e-cigarette users. Edge is actually one of the best customer feedback tools for expanding vape shop retailers. 

Let’s explore how the services of Edge can make you one of the most successful vape shop retailers: 

Higher brand ratings

Customer feedback tools like Edge provide a direct channel for customers to express their thoughts, creating a dialogue that goes beyond transactions. Positive Google reviews spread brand awareness, encouraging new consumers to approach your shop for their e-cigarette use. This positivity should earn you higher brand ratings.

You can connect your Point of Sale (POS) system to our customer review automated software, as this system allows customers to provide instant feedback online. Knowing exactly what customers want when buying e-cigarette products ensures you tailor your products to their preferences to drive brand ratings.

Actively implement changes

Customer suggestions can help you actively implement the changes in your e-cigarette products. It’s not just about receiving Google reviews; it’s about transforming those insights into tangible improvements. 

Picture this: A customer believes the tropical flavors aren’t strong enough. With this suggestion, you can adjust the formula of your e-cigarette products and introduce it to the shelves. This signals a commitment to a customer-centric approach.

Encourage customers to come back 

Did you know that 70% of consumers are currently subscribed to SMS campaigns? Taking advantage of mobile marketing can help you target existing customers. Driving repeat customers using Edge ensures customers come back to your e-cigarette products and even encourage other e-cigarette users to try them. 

Create employee recognition programs

Rewarding your employees is essential for improving their customer service skills. Vape shop owners with minimal staff can use Edge to create employee recognition programs with incentives from online reviews. 

For example, when a customer mentions an employee in their Google review, that employee can claim financial incentives. The same goes for online sales of e-cigarette products and electronic cigarettes. 

It’s important to remember that your vape shop staff deserves praise when helping customers with their e-cigarette use. 

Boost your brand’s online presence 

Edge’s reputation management software automates customer feedback to online Google reviews to strengthen your brand’s reputation. Whether you’re gaining reviews about combustible cigarettes or liquid nicotine, this software instantly spreads awareness about your brand. 

It’s also proven that 53% of customers won’t go to vape shop owners rated under four stars, so responding to positive feedback is essential for growing your business.

Social media also becomes your stage for addressing concerns, expressing gratitude for positive feedback, and showcasing improvements. Edge can also sync your Point of Sale to automatically collect, post, and respond to Google reviews. 

Promote positive Google reviews 

Positive customer feedback can help improve your e-cigarette marketing. Satisfied customers are your best advocates, and their words carry meaning. Showcasing their testimonials is essential for your online reputation and customer reviews. Edge understands that vape shop retailers need more exposure when selling products for e-cigarette use. 

Try our customer reviews platform today 

In the world of e-cigarette use, the journey of vape shop retailers relies on Google reviews and customer feedback tools. Those who share their positive personal experiences with your shop can help you cater more products like liquid nicotine to their preferences. 

To learn more about what your customers want, check out our pricing options or contact Edge to help spread brand awareness for e-cigarette use.

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