The Role of Google Reviews & Customer Feedback Analysis Tools in Shaping Spa Offerings

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November 22, 2023
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Google reviews analysis tools play an instrumental role when it comes to maximizing the success of your spa offerings. That’s because, for modern businesses in the beauty industry, it’s essential to understand the voice of the customer to ensure customer satisfaction at every stage of the customer journey.

That means gathering and analyzing Google reviews and customer feedback should be integral to your marketing strategies as you consistently seek a competitive advantage over other businesses in the area. 

This notion is especially relevant to spa offerings, in which the way the customer feels about the highly personal interaction is the absolute lifeblood of the business.

In this blog, we’ll explore the importance of Google reviews and gathering customer insights before focusing on the all-important analysis step. How do you act upon the feedback you gather to ensure your spa business or franchise thrives?

Understanding customer feedback and Google reviews

When we refer to customer feedback, we’re talking about evaluations, comments, opinions, and critiques shared by customers about your services and product offerings. What’s important to consider is that many things that can come under the umbrella term ’feedback’:

  • Direct responses to customer surveys
  • Casual comments to service providers
  • Online reviews (through Google reviews or social media platforms)
  • Engagement via social media
  • Numerical ratings via sites like Trustpilot

Gathering and understanding customer opinions is critical to your customer relationship management as a spa owner. How else can you hope to determine customer preferences? Google reviews let you know precisely what customers think about your business’s customer experience, including both where you excel and where you fall down. 

How feedback and Google reviews can affect your business

Customer feedback and Google reviews play a crucial role in your marketing toolbox that can lead to increased customer satisfaction, a strong reputation, and, ultimately, an increase in more sales. 

Here’s how:

  • Customer retention/customer loyalty - In all walks of life, listening is a good idea! In the context of a spa, listening to concerns and implementing changes is an element of a successful client retention strategy. Let’s say your clients want better appointment scheduling practices—enacting a positive change will show them their voices matter. Letting them know you value their opinions is a surefire way to cultivate loyal customers.
  • Influencing potential customers - It’s relatively simple; we all know that searching for online reviews is often the first step potential clients take when searching for a local business. This is especially true for customers searching for spa offerings since they are hoping for welcoming staff and a guarantee of a relaxing experience. A wealth of positive Google reviews will encourage them, while negative reviews will likely deter them.
  • Service improvements - Listening to feedback is about more than just cultivating customer loyalty. It provides you with genuine insights into your spa’s offerings, identifying weak spots that you can improve. This self-reflection should let you develop an all-around better experience for customers. 
  • Business success -  It’s not rocket science. If you can better retain customers, attract new ones, cultivate a strong online reputation, and consistently improve your services, you are setting yourself up for business success as a spa franchise with growth potential.

Collecting, analyzing, and implementing feedback

We’ve established the importance of Google reviews and customer feedback along the business case for using that data to craft exceptional customer experiences.

But, as a spa owner, what steps should you take to do this? What does this look like in practice? And are there tools out there to help you capture Google reviews and customer feedback to improve the client experience?

Put simply, you need to master three stages:

1. Collect feedback

2. Analyze feedback

3. Use feedback to implement changes

Tools like Edge can streamline the whole process for you.

Streamlining Google reviews collection with Edge

Edge understands that the first step to leveraging spa clients’ Google reviews is efficient and effective collection. For spa owners, this means having a system that seamlessly integrates into the customer experience without being intrusive. Here’s how Edge facilitates this process:

Multi-channel feedback collection - Edge offers salon & spa owners the ability to approach customers for instant feedback through various channels, including POS integrations, in-spa tablets, QR codes, and email marketing tools for follow-ups and lengthier customer feedback surveys.

This accessibility increases the chances of capturing the customer’s voice at multiple touchpoints, such as the reception desk, the treatment rooms, or even their devices after the customer spa or salon service is over. 

Real-time Google reviews and customer feedback alerts - As soon as you receive any feedback, Edge notifies spa owners and managers in near real-time. This immediate information allows for quick responses to customer concerns and the opportunity to thank customers for their praise, enhancing the customer service experience and preserving your reputation

This also enables you to recognize any employees mentioned in Google reviews immediately. Edge has a built-in employee rewards program that can automate rewards for excellent customer service in a variety of ways. This can help you build a culture of recognition in which employees are motivated to provide only the best customer care, which is vital to a spa’s success!

Customizable surveys - Edge’s customizable survey feature enables spa owners to ask the right questions at the right time, tailoring the feedback to the specific services and experiences they offer. This quick customization not only saves you from time-consuming administrative tasks but also leads to more relevant and actionable data to fuel your marketing efforts. 

The next step: Google reviews and customer feedback analysis with Edge

Collecting valuable feedback is just the beginning. Effectively analyzing this data is your next step. How do you turn raw data into actionable insights for your spa or salon?

  • Sentiment analysis - Using advanced algorithms, Edge can uncover the sentiment behind Google reviews and feedback, categorizing it as positive, negative, or neutral. This insight helps spa owners understand the emotional response to their services.
  • Trend identification - Over time, Edge can identify trends in Google reviews, highlighting recurring themes or areas that consistently receive praise or criticism. This can inform long-term strategic decisions about service offerings, staff training, and spa amenities.
  • Reporting and visualization - With Edge, spa owners receive comprehensive reports and data visualizations that make interpreting feedback straightforward. These insights can inform decision-making processes and help track improvements over time.

From analysis to implementation

With the insights provided by Edge, you’re equipped to take decisive action to enhance your spa service offerings to build long-lasting relationships with customers.

The final step is up to the spa owners: implementing the changes necessary to elevate the customer experience. Whether it’s adjusting the ambiance, fine-tuning your online booking software, or offering additional training for staff, Edge provides Google reviews and customer feedback analysis to inform these critical decisions.

Check out Edge’s pricing options today, and try the platform out for yourself with a demo.

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