Local SEO Guide for Cannabis Dispensaries

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January 18, 2024
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The significance of search engine optimization (SEO) for cannabis dispensaries can’t be understated in today’s environment. A business like yours is operating in a market that’s both highly competitive and tightly regulated. Therefore, a well-executed local SEO campaign can be a real difference-maker. 

The success of your business in the cannabis industry depends on attracting foot traffic from local customers. Attracting that critical foot traffic is a challenge that begins online. 

Google search is now the go-to method for finding local businesses (just think of your natural tendency when looking for, say, a local bakery or barber shop). That’s why you must ensure your cannabis dispensary appears prominently in search results.

This is where the magic of intelligent local SEO strategies comes into play to bring in additional website traffic.

Yet, SEO is about more than just visibility and organic traffic. It’s about connecting with your local community. It’s about trust-building. It’s about educating potential customers about your unique offerings. 

Do all of this well, and SEO becomes a transformative vehicle for customer retention.

Tools like Edge can be invaluable in this endeavor, offering sophisticated solutions to enhance your online presence and manage customer interactions effectively, but more of that later. Let’s first understand SEO as it relates to the cannabis industry. 

Understanding local SEO for cannabis dispensaries

SEO for marijuana dispensaries involves a unique blend of standard SEO practices and industry-specific strategies, thanks to the legal complexities and shifting consumer trends in the cannabis market. Dispensary owners must navigate this evolving landscape with skill.

Underpinning SEO is the need to satisfy Google’s ranking factors; you need to tick certain boxes so that it recognizes your site as a good choice for potential customers searching for target keywords.

However, at the root of this task is the need to offer valuable, trustworthy, informative cannabis-related content for the reader. Let’s run through some more elements that make up SEO and how to apply them in your strategy. 

Local and organic SEO

The cornerstone of a cannabis SEO strategy for dispensaries lies in optimizing for both local and organic searches. Local SEO ensures your dispensary is visible to potential customers in your local area.

This includes optimizing for local keywords and “near me” searches. “Near me” searches refer to when customers are looking for immediate options for cannabis products in their area.

Organic SEO focuses on broader search terms related to cannabis keywords and related services, which helps in attracting a more diverse audience. Franchise cannabis companies, in particular, need to employ a mix of these strategies. A delicate balance will help a cannabis franchise build an online presence as a brand while simultaneously attracting customers to each individual franchise location.

Keyword research and optimization

Getting your target keywords right is the foundation of any successful SEO strategy.

This means focusing on terms and phrases that potential customers might use when searching for your products and services.

Think along the lines of general terms like “cannabis dispensary” and “cannabis brands.” Yet, beyond those, you’ll need to refine to more specific, locally relevant ones like "medical marijuana in [Your Location]." Develop from there to longtail keywords for extra specific searches.

Use a keyword research tool to help you identify keyword opportunities that will help boost your search engine visibility in the long term. Consider researching tools like:

  • Moz
  • Semrush
  • Ahrefs

These can offer plenty of guidance to direct your SEO keyword research.

The ultimate aim is to optimize your site for key search phrases and local search queries that will get your business offering in front of cannabis customers searching for solutions online. 

Optimizing Google My Business for dispensaries

A well-optimized Google My Business (GMB) profile is essential for local SEO success.

For dispensaries, this means ensuring that your GMB listing is complete and accurate. Don’t forget to update contact information, business hours, and a thorough description of your services.

Another critical aspect of GMB optimization is staying on top of reviews. Managing and responding to customer reviews on GMB can significantly impact your local SEO rankings since this indicates to Google there is a lively community of interactions surrounding your business. 

Content marketing strategies

Content marketing is a powerful aspect of SEO services. Investing time to create valuable content for readers around a number of topics will enhance your reputation (both in the eyes of customers who read it and those all-important Google crawl bots that take note of content that users deem valuable).

For cannabis dispensaries, this could include educational blog posts about the benefits of cannabis, advice on product selection, or updates on industry news. Quality content can attract organic traffic to your site and establish your dispensary as a knowledgeable and trustworthy source in the industry. 

Building a user-friendly website

A user-friendly website is crucial for keeping visitors engaged as they interact with your brand.

But what makes a user-friendly website? 

Ensure your developers create a website with:

  • Responsive design
  • Fast loading times 
  • Intuitive navigation              

The benefits of a user-friendly website are a virtuous circle. A well-designed website not only provides a better user experience but also ranks higher in search engine results. That’s because the useability of your website is another ranking factor, as Google assesses how well your site matches the search intent of the user. A better website is more useable, so users stay longer, which Google rewards you for!

Online reviews and reputation management

Online reviews play a critical role in the reputation and SEO ranking of cannabis dispensaries. Positive reviews can enhance your dispensary’s credibility and attract more customers. Marketers call this social proof. Now, more than ever, people look at online reviews before purchasing to gauge whether it will be a wise decision. When there’s so much competition, a wealth of positive reviews, or a dirth of negative ones, can make a significant difference to purchasing decisions. 

Link building for cannabis dispensaries

Developing a strong network of backlinks from reputable sites can significantly boost your SEO, too.

This includes links from local businesses, industry blogs, and cannabis directories. The logic here is simple: Google recognizes that when other websites link to you, this acts as a seal of approval.

This recognition of the value of your content thus boosts your SEO. The more reputable the source’s domain authority, the bigger the boost you get. 

Legal and compliance considerations

Navigating the legal landscape is a key component of SEO for cannabis dispensaries, adding an extra challenge compared to other industries. It’s crucial to ensure your SEO strategies are legally compliant, given the minefield of state laws and the federal status of cannabis.

This includes being cautious about language use across your content marketing strategy. That means your social posts, blog posts, landing pages, and any other written content need to be carefully edited for compliance. 

It’s vital to stay updated on the latest regulations affecting the cannabis digital marketing industry.

How can Edge help?

Edge’s comprehensive approach to automating review management, encouraging employee engagement, and efficiently managing online reputation is particularly beneficial for cannabis dispensaries. Let’s take a closer look at how Edge can help:

Automated Google reviews management for cannabis businesses

Edge integrates with point of sale (POS) systems tailored for cannabis dispensaries, automating the collection of Google reviews. Since these reviews heavily influence local search rankings, Edge’s automation makes it easier for dispensaries to maintain a strong online presence. This is particularly crucial in the cannabis industry, where customer perceptions and reviews can significantly sway public opinion and attract new clients.

Employee engagement and positive review generation

In the cannabis sector, where customer experience is so vital to business success, Edge’s platform motivates employees to provide exceptional service. This, in turn, leads to positive online reviews, a key factor in boosting local SEO. Given the nuanced nature of cannabis products and services, having well-informed and motivated staff can make a significant difference in customer satisfaction and, consequently, in generating favorable reviews.

Online reputation management for dispensaries

For cannabis dispensaries, managing online reputation is vital. Edge allows for efficient monitoring and response to online reviews. Promptly addressing both positive and negative feedback is essential in an industry where trust and credibility are key. This not only helps maintain a positive image but also significantly impacts local SEO rankings.

Boosting customer retention in cannabis dispensaries

Edge assists in engaging with all customers, including those who had less than satisfactory experiences. By addressing concerns quickly, the platform helps dispensaries turn negative experiences into positive ones. This is crucial for maintaining a steady flow of positive reviews and interactions, thereby enhancing local SEO.

These features work collectively to bolster both local and organic SEO for cannabis dispensary websites, enhancing visibility in search results and attracting a consistent customer base.

Try Edge for yourself to help contribute to your cannabis SEO strategy to help your dispensary thrive.

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