6 Online Marketing Methods for Your Cannabis Dispensary to Get More Customers

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April 21, 2024
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The cannabis industry is always changing and getting bigger. This means that online marketing for cannabis dispensaries is essential. There are so many other dispensaries out there, so your business needs to be unique online to do well and attract new customers.

Are you stuck on how to achieve this growth online? Our guide has everything you need to know, along with the useful programs provided by Edge. Keep reading to find 6 ways to promote your cannabis dispensary online. 

1. Establish a strong online presence 

People will scan through your website when searching for a cannabis product. Therefore, you should make the website more engaging to strengthen your online presence.

Here are ways you can do this:

  • Social media presence: It’s worth using social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to connect with your followers. Make sure to reply to comments, answer questions, and start conversations about cannabis-related subjects to engage with your audience.
  • Online reviews and testimonials: You can encourage happy customers to tell others about their experiences with online reviews at your dispensary. This means monitoring review websites like Google My Business, Yelp, and Leafly. Responding to feedback quickly also shows how much you care about making your customers happy.

Edge has reputation management software. This software helps cannabis dispensaries monitor and improve their online reputation. Your business can ensure trust, compliance, and positive customer experiences in a regulated industry.

2. Produce informative and engaging content related to cannabis

Content marketing is a great way to attract more customers. Here are some tips to make sure people can find you online and enjoy what you have to offer:

Educational blog posts

You can write educational blog posts about different aspects of using cannabis. This includes different types, ways to use it, and why CBD is better than THC. Your business can show that you know a lot about cannabis by sharing helpful info and answering common questions. 

Product reviews and recommendations 

Provide in-depth product reviews and suggestions to guide customers through your cannabis selection. Point out the distinctive characteristics of each item, its benefits, and customer feedback to support shoppers in making well-informed choices. This boosts transparency and establishes trust for your dispensary.

Edge has automated customer review software that simplifies the process of gathering feedback for cannabis dispensaries, making reputation management and customer satisfaction more efficient. It provides valuable suggestions for enhancement and fosters trust through transparency.

How-to guides and tutorials 

It’s worth creating guides and tutorials that teach people about various subjects. These include growing cannabis, making dishes with cannabis-infused ingredients, or trying out different ways to consume cannabis. 

Industry news and updates

Stay updated on what's going on in the cannabis industry and share important news and updates with your audience. This news could be about new laws or upcoming trends. Keeping your customers informed shows that you're committed to being open and supportive within the community.

3. Build an email list of interested customers through your website

Cannabis stores can advertise on the Internet and create connections with customers by sending emails. Your dispensary can become a reliable place for information by sending special emails about new items, deals, and educational content.

Customized suggestions and targeted audience messaging can help increase sales and customer loyalty, resulting in more money in the competitive cannabis industry.

It’s not just emails that work well for online marketing. Mobile campaigns, especially ones from Edge’s mobile marketing program, can help customers discover new sales and discounts. 

4. Collaborate with influencers in the cannabis community

Working with popular people in the cannabis industry can make more people know about your dispensary and trust it. This will help you connect with the right customers and make your business more successful.

You should choose influencers who align with your brand values and appeal to your target audience. Look for people who genuinely love cannabis and have a large following of potential customers. Whether they are cannabis experts or lifestyle influencers, the key is that they are authentic and can generate excitement for your brand.

Want to make your influencer partnerships successful? Then, focus on having real and meaningful collaborations. Share your cannabis products with influencers and encourage them to try them out and talk about their genuine experiences with their followers.

5. Invest in online advertising channels

Paid advertising can boost your cannabis dispensary's online visibility. This will help you attract a wider range of people.

Let us show you some ways to make the most out of paid advertising strategies:

  • Choose the right platforms: Focus on the places where your audience spends the most time, such as Google Ads or social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.
  • Create compelling ad copy: Make unique ads that really speak to the people you want to reach by highlighting the fun features, great deals, or new products. Remember to follow the rules of the site and stick to the laws for promoting cannabis.
  • Use engaging visuals: Use attractive visuals to display your products in an engaging and compliant way. Great images or videos can really boost how well your ads do and get people interested.
  • Target specific demographics: Use the targeting options on advertising platforms to reach the right people who might be interested in cannabis products. You can also choose who sees your ads. This is based on their age, location, interests, and online behavior. 

6. Engage with cannabis-related online communities 

Joining online communities is a really good way to connect with people who might be interested in buying cannabis and to make them trust you. 

You make people trust you more by:

  • Sharing important information
  • Answering questions
  • Helping out a specific group of people by being part of forums
  • Joining social media groups
  • Communicating with online communities

For example, you can chat with other people who like cannabis on sites like Reddit or Facebook. This way, you can talk to others who want to learn about different products and what's new in the industry. This will establish your dispensary as a reliable source of expertise by sharing educational content like tips on choosing the perfect strain or different consumption methods.

Also, engaging in conversations about nearby happenings or rules concerning cannabis can help you establish connections with individuals in the community and showcase your dedication to the field. 

Boost your cannabis dispensary’s online presence with Edge

Using the online strategies mentioned above can really boost your cannabis dispensary. More people will find your cannabis products and be intrigued to try them out. To achieve this, you must always remain authentic and consistent, prioritizing customer satisfaction. 

Want to make your dispensary more valuable online? Sign up with Edge, the top business growth platform for cannabis businesses.

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